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CameraFi Studio helps you create high-quality live streams with various features such as sports scoreboard and live shopping. Create your customized streams easily, communicate more efficiently, and sell your products more effectively.tablet and phone
Powerful scoreboard themes
CameraFi Studio have various scoreboard themes for 10+ sports. You can also customize your own timers, scores, colors on different themes.
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Stream with various applications
You can apply CameraFi Studio to CameraFi Live, vMix, OBS and other broadcasting platforms on any device you want.
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Share your live results
Share your real-time scoreboard with everyone you want. You are able to check the points of competitions on CameraFi Studio.
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Frequently asked questions

Can I use vMix or OBS with CameraFi Studio?
Yes. You can get scoreboard URL from CameraFi Studio, which can be used by entering it into other platforms such as vMix, OBS.
Can I save my scoreboard history?
Yes. The scoreboard history will be automatically saved in “LOG” tab. Even if you make a mistake in your score, you can check the scoreboard history and correct it.
Can I add timer with scoreboard?
Yes. You can add a timer to show the remaining sports time. You can also change the time in the middle of game.
What kinds of sports games do you support?
CameraFi Studio supports 10+ games such as soccer, golf, basketball, volleyball, etc.
How can I purchase monthly/annual subscription?
Go to pricing page and click the “Subscribe Now” button. Start with a free 7-day-trial!
How can I record my scores remotely?
You can overlay the scoreboard URL on the broadcast and record it remotely on CameraFi Studio. CameraFi Studio can be used on any browser-enabled device.

What do users say?

OMG Guys, this is sooo amazing, Thanks for all your work for making this great scoreboard! I just love this service.


I was recently looking for scoreboard website and found this feature. ANYONE who need this should have a try.


I have been using it to stream golf game, I just wanna tell you guys how wonderful this service is. Trust me, plz try it.


The new service that we can customize our own scoreboard is GENIUS! I will continue to use this for more sports streaming.


I just wanna thank you for creating such a great service. This is just what I’m looking for!!! Highly recommend it to anyone who do sports live streaming.


Thank you so much for constantly updating and providing users such amazing services. Just wanna recommend this service to everyone!


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